PhotoNorm - What is

  1. PhotoNorm is the evolution of an application which captures portrait photos and signatures to be printed or visualized (for holder identifiction), already in use and deeply tested in 8,000 workstations in addition to a personalization/production site.
  2. The application allows a “normalization” process of pictures in a completely automated way, while operators can’t perform any mistake or wrong operation, even if they aren’t trained for the specific purpose.
  3. With just a simple “click”, any possible adjustment (saturation, contrast, brightness, B/W and Color balancing) are applied to the acquired images in real-time.
  4. PhotoNorm application performs all the required operations for the acquisition of a portrait photo which must be compliant with the international ISO/ICAO regulations, or more easily for any project requirement.
  5. The “normalization” process also interacts with the image dimensional parameters, it cuts, crops, rotates, aligns, and centers, other than deifines the physical dimensions of the processed image.
  6. It’s available as a stand-alone application (customized user interface) to be used “as is”. It can be launched within pre-existing applications or integrated by the Customer as a Software Development Kit (SDK).
  7. User Interfaces can reside entirely on a workstation or being employed as a “thin Client”. Up to date, you can find a web application available through the Internet and also as an Android app.
  8. Moreover, PhotoNorm application was fundamentally designed to avoid an expensive training of Cusomers or operators, while speeding up and optimizing both the enrollment process and production processes (personalization and printing). This allows relevant savings, never disregarding that an easy launch of any project, positively affects economic and management points of wiew.
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